Case Study

Data center and cloud

One of the world’s largest and oldest private investment firms

Client was looking to locate two data centers in the US, two in EMEA and two in APAC. The data centers had to support high power density per rack and adhere to Tier 3 or greater uptime standards. The new data center facilities were required to be near the customers “communities of interest”, which included the major cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP), cloud security providers, Tier 1 network providers and market trading services.

Request to Bridgepointe  
Bridgepointe was retained to author and manage an RFP for the two initial US data center deployments with strong consideration for the global strategy. The goal was to deploy a network edge data center with minimal amount of latency (1-2ms) to key communities of interest and to a large cloud pod in a lower cost facility. Because of this requirement, the locations were very limited to colocation facilities that share a direct connection or are within 5-10 miles of the cloud platforms. The Client required us to go through a thorough risk assessment of the colocation options. This included diverse electrical grid regions, natural disaster possibilities (earthquake, flood, tornado/hurricane, and fire), nuclear plant, volcanic, and terrorism risk.

We were able to accomplish this analysis over a 30-day period inclusive of delivery of an executive level summary presentation and RFP document ready for distribution. The Bridgepointe Engineering Team was crucial to the process based on experience in designing similar solutions for other financial and technology customers. All research was well documented for easy customer access along with a proven reference architecture.

From initial engagement to installation took less than 6 months, and the client was able to deploy their network edge with 90 days to spare from their initial project deadline. This enabled them to shift focus to their cloud pod ahead of schedule resulting in overall time and cost savings for the entire project.